Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not posted on June 6, 2007. Clearly I had a theory.

Bush says Russia won't attack Europe despite rhetoric

Bush says Russia "not our enemy"

The mayor of Farmers Branch wants to be my Facebook friend. I'm not surprised as we have 46 friends in common - which makes me wonder about the quality of the friends I have on facebook.

I only friend people I was friends with or were in my kindergarten class, that's my official cut off. Okay, if you were friends with someone I was friends with, or if we had a class together or we went to the same junior high or if I worked with you or work with you,  or if I read your blog, or I voted for you, or if I kind of knew someone who kind of knew you or if we went to college together. But that's it. I don't just friend anybody.

 I would think the mayor of Farmers Branch would remember that I have sent him hate mail in the past and I might not want to be friends with him.  I would assume a bottom dwelling, scum sucking bigot  like himself  gets a lot of hate mail and can't be expected to remember everyone who has told him to go to hell,  but from there I got less friendly  and more specific about how I felt about the pogrom he was instituting . My name should be on a list somewhere but not on his list of FRIENDS. I don't friend people I've sent signed hate mail to so I pushed the ignore button with a great deal of spite and I'm sure it came through.

If I get a second request, I might have to tell him to go to hell again.

Speaking of things that left a bad taste in my mouth, Bitter Apple or Bitter Yuck is actually bitter and yucky. Wow, imagine, the product is what it says it is! Who knew, except your dog. I had to buy a new bottle of the stuff and while I was at the store the clerk told me that he got it on his hands once and it stayed  a long time. Callow youth I said to myself, what does he know from a "long time", he's 12, he probably think The Hills ran a "long time".Ptooy.

Well, I accidentally got it on my hands. Thus far it took seven hand washings, bathing the dog and then washing my own hair to wash it off my hands and out of my life. It might be a good diet aid though because once its on your hands it really interferes with your enjoyment of finger foods and I bet it would stop nail biting in a hot minute.You do not want to get this stuff on your hands  and it does not have to be wet to be effective, it really hangs on. Just because its not freshly applied doesn't mean it isn't working, its insidious. Wow, and it does really taste dreadful, think non-lethal nail polish remover. Yuck.

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