Friday, October 22, 2010


Well that was annoying. I decided I wanted a hard copy of the picture for the Christmas card. I'm spending all this time and thought on the picture frame and I don't have an actual copy of the picture - I think I need one, I know what it looks like on the screen but I really don't know what it looks like and its important to me. I have learned to deal with virtual pictures, I have adjusted my world view to allow for "images" instead of pictures, but I don't really like them. If its really important its really important to have a hard copy of it.

Also, a hard copy in hand makes it easier to try out frames -which will be great, when I have frames to try it out with. Thus far I have not been successful on that front. Stupid Halloween. But still, its like rehearsal. I do all ready know that ecru is a good color and bright red is a bad color. Pine green is good, stripes are bad in any combination and anything I really like is going to be way outside my price range.

But, back to the getting a hard copy issue. I decided to save some time and upload the image to - I've had good experience with that in the past and I like that it saves a trip to the store and a CD - so this is good. It makes me feel like I'm being efficient and green. The site however can be less then user friendly and getting pictures uploaded is a bear without high speed. I upload a image and it it took for freaking ever and then the site made me jump through hoop after hoop just to get checked out - all for a .21 purchase! They at least had the good grace to no suggest a I put it on my card. So, I waited through the upload, I jumped through the hoops, I got to the page that said pick up your order at X location at X time. I said Sure and I made  myself dinner, walked the dog, took the trash out and then set out with the dog to X location.

And they didn't have it.

I asked if it was under say, my first name, but no, not under it either. The guy even showed me my purchase history on his computer and lo and behold, nothing since September 10th , Hmm. I left in somewhat of a huff. Dogger however, was very happy with the car trip and enjoys visits to parking lots.

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