Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game on

Okay. I think the less we speak of that the better. We're just going to pretend that it was all a very bad dream and we're going to move on from there. Freaking Yankees! Hateful lowlifes. Grrrrr. Why are they standing in our way? I mean come on all ready! be good sports and do the right thing. Lay down and let us through.

Anyway. I now have two Christmas gifts in my hands all ready and now I feel so empowered that I feel ready to go get the rest of them! All at once! In one fell swoop! I will have all my shopping finished by the middle of November and I will not step foot in a mall!

 For sure.

What I really need to do now is lock down the photo cards frames I'm going to use for this years picture, I should first though get a hard copy of it so I can make sure what I want to do is going to work anyway.  I may be needlessly complicating the whole process unnecessarily. I got a tip that they have a good selection at Tuesday Morning and  I am  feeling good that as soon as this whole pesky Halloween thing is over the Christmas stuff is going to land hard  all over the land and I'll be able to get something really nice - or even better, maybe the unknown card company will send me a catalogue  with my one true card love in it.

And I have to really make dog cookie production a priority because I don't want to get down to a crunch with that job because then it becomes a lot less fun . I was very good about the cookies for the Mutt Strut but that was only three kinds and I'm going to need a lot more than for my ever burgeoning list this year but never fear, I have time and I will get it done before the holidays.

That's going to be my mantra until its all over never fear, I have time and I will get it done before the holidays

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