Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Rangers! Wooo-zzzzz

I didn't go to the fair again. Instead I fed the dog and fell sleep. Really, really productive, great use of my time. Go me. I didn't walk the dog or make a proper dinner or change clothes or do any of the other 1000 things I need to do every night to make every day run smoother. I'm thinking I need more caffeine or maybe I should not have stayed up to watch the Rangers beat the Yankees 8-0 in the 9th, they may have contributed to my exhaustion problem.

I was so hungry after work I had to stop at McDonald's and get a Happy Meal because I just could not imagine being able to survive the amount of time it would take me to make dinner myself. The meal made it possible for me to take Dogger out to pee and then fed her and take the pumpkins out of my car. Then I crashed in front of the TV.

The pumpkins in question:

yes, I know its not a great picture. But it does illustrate that I have three pumpkins in various colors and sizes. There's an orange one, a green one and a white one. It seems to pay to wait to get your pumpkins because I know they were more expensive the last time I was there. The really huge, true objects of my affection are still too expensive.  I'm hopeing as we get closer to the actual day that they will come down in price. I was a good little shopper with the three I got this time around, I bought them from three different vender's, which no doubt pissed off the vender's but I wanted to spread the joy, albeit $4 a time.

I also really kind of wanted to go to the fair but it wasn't going to happen. I think I need to start planning earlier or jsut decide that I'm going to spend the weekend there and leave it be. I should really be spending my time sorting out the house and cleaning it ahead of being away from it for the Rally in DC on the 30th. There are so many things I should be doing but am not. Or I might be just pressuring myself unnecessary.

I do know that I'm going to need to rent a back end loader or really, being more realistic, one of those little Bobcat things to get the space cleaned out. I've gotten really lazy about using the room as a staging area and it isn't a staging area, its a guest bedroom and I'm going to have guests and they might want to be able to accsess the bed at some point.

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