Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Martha $tewart

I was going to go to the fair. I had eaten, the dog had eaten and I was just about to take her for her walk. I could leave for the fair while it was still light. But then I thought that maybe I might want to think it out a little more, I know all ready I'm going to be there this weekend, probably a lot, but at the same time, its going to be a mad house being the last weekend and do I really want to be be around that many people?

Monday night would be all but deserted, I would have the whole place to myself, which is a big plus but do I really want to be the only one there? And do I really want to go now?  I could I could just drive down there and go but that doesn't give me nearly enough time to over think the whole thing. I need to over think and this wouldn't give me enough time to do that as completely as I need to. I'm not sure that maybe Tuesday might be not be better as my TV doesn't come on until 10pm and that would give me a reason to keep it moving and stay on a schedule.

But you know,  It's a little over cast and I don't want to be there in the rain and there are things I need to do around the house and I can all ready tell I'm not going to spontaneously do anything and if I'm out gallivanting around at the fair I really will not be putting laundry away or picking up or being useful in any way.

I'm not at the fair and I am still not putting anything away or being useful.  But at least I'm at home not doing anything instead of hiding from my responsibilities at the fair, I'm really thinking that if I go say Tuesday instead it will be better. I can get my ticket online and not wait around in the dark, I can't imagine that Tuesday is any bigger of a draw than Monday.

Instead of doing housework I looked for photo cards online. I got a tip that Kmart all ready has their Christmas stuff out and in that stuff is Martha Stewart Christmas cards. I'm in the market for something ecru and tasteful this year and no one is as tasteful and ecru than Martha Stewart. I couldn't find Martha for Kmart cards online but I did find Martha for Martha cards online and she certainly is the queen of tasteful ecru Christmas cards - and I was really shocked by what Martha for Martha wants for her cards and the four piddly little photo cards she carries are not what I was looking for either. I'm hopeing her Martha for Kmart cards are a little less pricey and I can work with the Kmart level of tasteful.

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