Friday, October 8, 2010

In furtherance of my desire to get ready for winter now so I can spend the real winter huddled under a blanket watching TV, I took the step of  taking a few blazers to the dry-cleaner. It seemed on inspection of said blazers, when I was trying to find something to wear to work, that perhaps Baby Kitty might have been using one or two of them as bedding for a while or several months or something. If  Heidi Klum really wanted to challenge those baby designers she would challenge them to make cat hair sexy, because I did a quick survey of my wardrobe and if they could achieve that, I could be a porn star.

I made sure to get out of the dry cleaners before he could do any sort of  spot check of the jackets because I really didn't want to face him after he discovered  that one of the two "black" jacket really didn't start off its life that way.

Okay, this is off topic but something near here is either a total conflagration or they just discovered some sort of mass casualty because the sirens have been whipping down New Bern for the better part of an hour now. I don't know whats happening but it sounds like the opening sequence of an old school Simpson/Bruckheimer production and that can't be good. I'm also a little concerned that the sirens are cutting off sooner than they should. Whatever it is really should be further away from me then it sounds, much, much further away. Like in Knightdale. I might have to take Dogger on a walk just to make sure.

Good News! There wasn't a shooting at the Cook Out and the DMV building is not in flames! Go Us! Whatever is happening is not happening within sight of my block. It doesn't really matter what it is though because the N&O does not cover my zip code. No houses are ever sold here and there is no crime committed. I check every day and nothing officially happens in this zip code.

More sirens.

Also having nothing to do with anything else, I went pumpkin shopping at the Farmers Market at lunch and even though there were approximately 30,000 pumpkins there, I didn't like any of them. Well, "any of them" is a little broad, I kind of liked once. it weighed more than I do and I could use it as a hot tub if I didn't have the will to carve it. It also isn't helping the pumpkin cause that my flowers are still blooming and the vibe isn't autumnal yet. Maybe after the first frost or Thanksgiving, which ever comes first. Those impatiens are butch.

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