Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cooking with power

Who ever invented the crock pot did a good thing. I had to have something for this pot luck Birthday luncheon art the office on Wednesday and it was Tuesday night at 7pm and I had nada. I had to step up and get something together and looking around the larder I was not hopeful, I wonder if everyone would like raman? Everyone likes soup right? No. How do I feel about KFC? Do I want to leave work and pick up KFC? No. and then I remembered I have a crock pot! I can buy one of those crock pot in a bag things

I picked up and delivered myself to the Kroger, the nice one not the grotty one because it seemed like the right thing, and after wandering around trying to find the crock pot in a bag things and finally did, they only had chicken dumpling flavor though and while I was a little disappointed because chicken and dumplings?,  frozen in a bag? You know, that can go either way.

I grabbed my bag and tried to get out of the store without buying more stuff. I ended up finding a get well card for one of the women at work who is out sick with something unpleasant and I think she needs a card. So, I got that and then I was out of there.

At home I tried to figure out the timing. The bag says 8-10 hours on low, so I can't really start it up until later. I thought I can screw around and not do this until later! I'm gonna watch TV and play with the computer and then make a meal. I love modern conveniences! I did screw around and watch TV and play with the computer. In the interests of time management though, I did not take a nap.  I walked Dogger instead, I am a responsible dog owner.

Later, I paused Detroit 1-8-7, which three episodes in has cut way down on both the anvils and the cliches so whatever they needed to work through they took care of, good because they were sloppy and distracted from the story telling. Anyway, I got it started up, added some  more chicken,garlic and some of the over priced spice I got from my cousins friend and let it go. So cool.

It did wake me a couple of times over night because suddenly I was aware I was smelling something and that was alarming in the middle of the night, but it did smell really good. I got up packed it up took it in to work and plugged it in. No muss, no fuss,no bother oh, and it got raves. The crock pot is our friend.

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