Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Empire Singles

I bought a DVD double feature of Empire Records and Singles . I was like Wow! $6 for two movies I actually like! I hate it when I respond to marketing.

This week is Customer! Service! Week! and I seriously needed something to take my mind off the homicidal thoughts I left work with. Today was about Active Listening where we played  a rousing game of post office, yesterday was Smile When You Answer The Phone, where we decorated mirrors. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Thus far we haven't had to watch a single hateful Lilly Tomlin video so I am grateful and will do craft projects and pretend I care about what other people are saying. I immediately turned to Tivo thinking that it loves me and understands me and would totally have something waiting to make me feel better. It totally didn't. Not a single Law and Order, one House Hunters International that I had all ready seen, featuring a couple I despised and a Curb Appeal that didn't hold any.

I had been watching Entourage but Netflix those assholes won't be sending me the next one until tomorrow and I was beginning to be afraid that I was going to have to housework! and since I was so recently homicidal I don't really think I needed to be in contact with common household chemicals as I might give into temptation and and you know, blow up the renters truck or something. he doesn't set out there and vroom the engine as much as he did, but he still does it sometimes and that's till too often. I needed to come down softly and emptying the dishwasher was not the gentle landing I was looking for.

Enter Singles. I was kind of hopeing for Empire Records but for $6 you  watch what they want you to watch in the order they want you to watch it. For $6  you don't even get a menu option, you turn it on and you watch Singles.  I hadn't watched Singles since, well, ever maybe. I know the sound track because you couldn't throw  a party in 1992-93 in San Marcos, TX if you didn't feature it prominently on the play list. It was grunge for people who took showers.

What was Eddie Vedder doing in a douche-y chick flick? I mean once Bridget Fonda  is involved? I mean come on! True, Bridget Fonda was in every movie made between 1990-1998 ( but oddly, nothing since 2002?) but really, Eddie Fricken Vedder.. If he had to do a 20sosmething agst film why didn't he do Kicking and Screaming or of he had to do a Bridget Fonda 20something angst movie movie, why not Bodies Rest and Motion?

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