Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was dozing, er, studying new driving techniques in front of Ice Road Truckers, some people prepare for the winter by changing out their seasonal wardrobes or collecting nuts, I am preparing for the winter by learning about driving in inclement weather. I was deeply involved with my studies, Dogger started whining and whimpering and making weird noises and generally really disturbing my studies. She either wanted to go outside or she may have been trying to let me know that it was getting close to House starting and I needed to step to.


 She wanted to tell me she had some really nasty heartburn and she was not happy. She also wanted to go outside right now. She had  similar event  a couple of weeks ago and when I took her outside she grazed like a starved calf. She got over it and we went inside. This time she ate a little bit but I didn't let her mow the grass, instead we went for a walk and she recovered.

She eats a lot of grass but she doesn't throw it up. This is not how its supposed to work.

Before I took her out I tore up the house looking for her prilosec. I couldn't find it. I used to have some but I think I threw it out during a fit of tidying. When she got sick several years ago I was warned that heart burn was a side effect of either the Addison's or the med, I'm not sure, I really stopped listening after they told me she wasn't going to die. I think however, I gave her the prilosec frequently back in the day.

It may be time to start up again. After I brought Dogger back from a walk,  I turned around and went to the grocery to buy more prilosec

Anyway, after all that I needed a shower and again I did not start this. The prilsec didn't stop it, it came back again. This time I let her eat all the grass she wanted and she seems fine. I could have saved the $12 and just let her mow the lawn for me.

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