Monday, October 4, 2010


Stakes N' Rakes works fast. I emailed  last week and then followed that up with a phone call a little later on that week and one half hour before I was going to follow up that phone call with another phone call, they called me.

I had a nice chat with a gentleman that admitted that the launch of the SnR was not what they had hoped, which is sad because it is a great product - but that he understood that mine was faulty. I agreed with him on that point and we talked about how he was going to make it better. He, or the company actually, is going to send me another flex pole to replace my broken one! for free!

He said he was going to have to take it out of a box and leave the box open, and I said "hey, send me a whole new one!" but he pretended he didn't hear that and I don't need a new one as I all ready have an almost fully functioning one at my disposal, all I need is a new pole and I! am! going! to! have! one! He also thanked me profusely for saying such nice things about the product and I reiterated what a great product it is and how much of a help it has been to me and will be in the future.

It is going to make my yard work so much easier! Its like having a second pair of hands to get rid of the leaves, you just rake them into the sturdy yet cavernous bag and then neatly zip the bag shut and take the bag and everything in it neatly to dispose of the contents.  It removes the need to get all the piles of leaves together and then move the whole lot to the curb and dump out the leaves. It takes a lot of the back ache out of raking.

I was going to include a link to their web site, where you can see and buy the product yourself as it is a most helpful and labor saving device, but their site is in the process of being updated at present and the page I was looking for was unavailable. When it becomes available I will post it forthwith. They are a great company that practices superior customer service.

Anyway. That was Friday.

Over the weekend I decided to give back to the world as it had given to me. I made 300 dog treats for my friends dog charity.  She doesn't need them until sometime in November but by then I want to be working on my Christmas treats, so she's going to have to take delivery somewhat before then, definitely sooner because while I was making her treats I was thinking about mine. I decided on: Cheese, Bacon, Molasses/ pumpkin, Milk, Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef, Turkey Gravy, and possibly, banana . I am clearly going to need  the room in my freezer.

If I make one or two varieties a week starting oh, next week, I can get it done well in time for mailing before Christmas and to allow myself to do other things like shopping and decorating and  you know, enjoying the holiday - which would be nice. Cookie burn out makes me cranky.

What else? I was busy. I sorted my winter stuff, put away or least put out of sight, my warm weather clothes, bought a cute new seasonally appropriate purse - its purple! , went out looking for red but the red bags just didn't get me the same way. Its larger then my last bag but its sleeker.

I walked Dogger around Dix, and while we were strolling decided that her collar is getting old and she needs a new one. I went to Tuesday Morning and found a fabulous collar with a faux Mondrian design for only $2! I was thrilled until I brought it home and tried it on Dogger. It made her look fat. Its too big for her and too small for me, perhaps Tiny E can wear it as a belt.

Moving on. So now I'm in the market for a cute new collar for her. It needs to be pink because she's a big girl and I want that to be clear to passers by who tell me what a Big Boy I have and it needs to have green in it to mesh with her green leash.

All in all, a good weekend.

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