Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Photoblogging!

Yay photoblogging!

After work on Friday I went to my local over priced gardening boutique and  bought some seeds to grow in the garden over the winter. They are a green fertilizer and they help strengthen the garden and then provided a mulch when its time to plow them under in the spring. I am planning for the gardens future and when it will be fully harvested. Because it will be. I swear. To this end I did a little gardening this weekend, I had thought I was going to give the tomatoes a few more weeks but in a few more weeks its going to be November and cold and in years past when I gave the plants "a few more weeks" I ended up gardening in a parka and I never got another ripe tomato in the extra time I gave them, so I decided to just let go and pull them out while I can do so without gloves and a hat.

and then there were five...

I didn't mention pulling out the peppers did I? Because I did not, the peppers are still working and producing and they are green and pretty and I lurve them. I can't kill them, not yet, not when they have babies, Babies that might very well grow to maturity They could. I have hope. The peppers aren't nearly as irritating to me as the tomatoes. The peppers have plans and goals and I know they have more to do. The tomatoes were losers and had no plans and no goals.

I still haven't got a pumpkin, my deck still looks like a Hallmark card and I just can't put a pumpkin in all that and mess up its vibe and I'm just not there yet, no matter how much I am lusting after sweaters and autumnal chotchkies. I did see some funky disco sparkled-out pumpkins at Michael's, I mean these were like Club Pumpkins, they had boas and glow sticks and they were like  wearing tiny parkas and smiling. I got a contact high just looking at them.

Now that I was high I had to get some food. I went to Burger Yucky because a friend at work scored a neat owl toy and while I was scared of the owl because it was like a battle owl, it was Voldemort's owl. I wanted a cute owl. I got a battle owl. I didn't want a battle owl. So I did what I could.

Gargoyle, damn it.

What was I supposed to do with it? Couldn't the makers see this thing and say Wow. it turned out a little intense didn't it? Wow. Maybe we could  turn it into a key chain or something. I didn't want this scary thing looking at me all day so I looked at it and decided that my house needed a gargoyle. Yes, "needed". My house needed a gargoyle, and now I have one. Its going to watch over my house and hopefully, scare whatever it is that gargoyles scare. Boo mother fuckers.

But before all that, I went to church - woke up in time for 10:30 Mass too, thank you very much. I had to park in BFE though and I never love that, but it is good exercise. Blah, blah, blah whatever. Anyway, when I came home I found this

Completely unstaged. Maybe exersice is good for me.

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