Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Find your own Joy

Friday when I left work, fifteen minutes early, because I am a rebel.. as I was approaching my car I noticed something wrong : My Obama magnet was missing. I've had that magnet since there has been an Obama, its been there so long its left a bumper sticker sized magnet scar on my car. I had thought they would tear my Obama magnet from my cold, dead mini-van I love my Obama magnet.

I spent the weekend thinking many negative thoughts about my magnet thief. Many. I cursed all the way home and then every time I had a chance to see my cars backside.In the end I decided that I hoped it was snatched by an errant mental patient, because I can not comfortably attack a mental patient.  Either way, I really liked my magnet, and I missed it.

I drove into work Monday morning thinking about my magnet. I pulled into my parking spot and as I was walking past my car and through the parking lot I found my magnet! It must have fallen off and when it fell it flipped over and became part of the parking lot. I put it back on my car.  My day got better and it hadn't even started. And I had not thought too many thoughts about raining death down on a non-existent magnet thief.

Time passes.

I go to Sam's at lunch, I go there with the expectation that I'm going to be able to get my protean bars. I could not, sometimes they carry them sometimes they don't. Instead I buy a pair of warm up pants. If I could have bought my protean bars I doubt I would need to buy sweat pants because I had bought a pair at Wallyworld but they turned out to be Yoga pants. Yoga pants are not sweat pants, they look like sweat pants they even feel like sweat pants but they are not sweat pants. They are yoga pants. You are either a yoga pant person or a sweat pant person and I am not a yoga pant person. Where were yoga pants when I was in college?  When I could have rocked a pair of yoga pants. Lesson learned, question being, when did Wallyworld start selling yoga pants? Wallyworld isn't a yoga place and I didn't see many yoga students modeling yoga poses in front of the Doritos display. I'm fat and its Sam's Club/Wallyworlds fault. I wanted protean bars and they sold me sweat pants.


After work I go in search of my protean bars. I had been at the nicer Poverty Barn over the last weekend and I had picked up a smaller non-Sam's Club proportioned package of them and I was hopeing that your average Poverty Barn consumer would rather go for the off brand blue soda than then anything with protean in it.  And I was kind of right, I went to where the protean bars had been stocked and I found a different variety of the same brand, not as good but still better than nothing. If I have no protean bars I have to fend for myself  at lunch that way lies madness and bad carbs. I was looking around to see if there was anything else I might want  because I was at Poverty Barn after all, and I ran across the mother load : My protean bars in double packs for half price! I dumped the pretenders in a heart beat and bought what they had.

Its nice to be able to bookend your day like that, it started off good and ended good. Yay.

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