Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dog tired.

So, who's fault is it if my dough keeps coming out uneven when I roll it out? I blame my rolling pin. I think its developed a flat or something  Also, the dough, I think they are both conspiring against me. My upper body is getting a great work out though so I guess there is an upside to all this work. I wonder how many calories you burn making cookies? I wonder if I get bonus points for then not eating what I'm making. I deserve extra credit.

My turkeys look a little swan-like but I think they will read as turkeys because this time of year we really see turkeys and not swans. They don't offer Tips for Cooking your Holiday Swan in the women's mags I would also not want to feed my dog a swan, or ask others to do that either it helps my argument that these-are-not-swans because that you can't buy swan gravy off the shelf. I don't think I have ever seen a swan cookie cutter

On the up-side,  the relative evenness of my dough is a moot point now because I;m not making any more! I am done! Done I tell you! I did all the Christmas cookies plus Doggers' pizza cookies plus the turkey gravy cookies for the people at work and Dogger - Dogger is getting the vast majority of those so its not an entirely selfless act. My arms hurt.

Despite my sore arms I got Dogger bathed and her teeth brushed and her laundry laundered. I still need to vacuum her room but I'm not going to stress over it. Speaking of stress, I was all concerned about getting my yard raked? Well, I did that an obediently pushed the leaves to curb to wait for the city, and they shockingly, came and took them away. Super. I came home from work and the lawn was covered with leaves again. You can't even tell I raked.

Oh well. I know.

I even found time to eat dinner between dog bathing and dog cookie baking.  Its been a very dog-centric evening. Dogger is still looking at me like I'm completely ignoring her. Oh and I forgot, I also walked the dog, fed the dog and made the dogs bed. So, clearly, I'm ignoring the dog completly.

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