Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foggy Morning

Sunday night I was woken up twice by sirens. The second set sounded like it was coming right through the middle of the house, I thought Is my house burning down? How do they know if I don't, should I be very worried right now? I should get up. but it wasn't my house, eventually I realized the sirens weren't coming through the middle of the house and my own fire alarms wasn't going off. I have yet to find whose house was burning down.

Monday morning I looked out the window and there was nothing. It wasn't dark, it was nothing., I went outside and found the nothing was warm. I left with Dogger for our walk and as we were walking through the lot at the end of the street I looked up into the nothing and didn't see the DMV building. I thought Oh my Gawd! The DMV building is gone! This isn't fog, its smoke! No wonder the sirens were so loud and they kept up for so long. Damn. Its just gone. I pulled out my phone to to post to Facebook, because that's what you do when a building disappears over night. Dogger and got closer to the street I saw the outlines of the buildings and a light on upstairs. I didn't post about the building but I did mention the fog but  my status was much less interesting than it would have been had the DMV really been gone.

I should have known though, if it was smoke, the nothing would have smelled and the nothing had no odor.

Dogger and I wandered around in the nothing and  went home but on the way I kept checking to make sure the whole DMV complex was actually there,  as the sirens went on for days, and whatever it was must have been a really big structure or the firemen were just being assholes and playing with their toys. I cn't imagine there was a lot of traffic clogging up the road or being slow away from the light.  The last sirens were so loud and close I sat up in bed, that was when I thought maybe my house was burning or the neighbors or the whole street, maybe we were all burning.

I wish there was a a way to make the sirens less loud if they aren't coming for you. I would understand if they were coming for you that it would be very comforting to hear them on their way, and whatever it was that prompted sirens in the first place would be almost over,  but I wish there was a way to mute the sound if it wasn't for you. Its worrying.

It would also be nice if they could make it less shrill at 2am.

I drove to work looking to see if anything look like it had burned down, I walked the dog and looked for something  that evening but I didn't find anything. There was nothing in the paper on Tuesday.

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