Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Again

I had such a good time in Asheville! Who knew it was like that? Gallery after gallery after gallery, terrific food, entertainment on every corner and fab people watching. If you haven't been, you must go.

On the downside, I feel very poor and untalented . They market "crafts" that are really museum quality art and they charge accordingly. Its all worth it though. Everything is beautiful and I can't afford any of it and I certainly can't produce anything like it myself. I suggest if you go there that you bring a u haul with you because even with the prices on the art, there are still plenty of  wonderful stores and galleries selling one-of-a-kind finds to loosen the purse strings of even the smallest purse.

And? MOUNTAINS! Lots and lots of mountains!

And?  the storied Blue Ridge Parkway!

And? No Wallyworld!

What I took pictures of.

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