Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two days until Harry Potter!

The 15th was baby kitty's second birthday and I forgot to announce it. In honor of his birthday I fed him a tiny can of cat food I picked up free somewhere and presented it  to him on a nice plate and let him eat the whole thing. On the table. It took him a couple of hours to clean the plate but clean the plate he did. I also sang him Happy Birthday twice.

I think he was touched. I think he should also be grateful I didn't try to make him wear a hat like I did last year, so we've both grown. I do think I need to find a new nom de blog for him though, he really isn't a baby kitty any more and at two years I think he's reached maturity as a cat.

Man Cat? Sexy Kitty? Mr. Fuzzy Butt?

What really sad is I didn't even remember it until I got an email from Catster wishing him a happy birthday! Bad, bad cat Mommy! The first person to wish your cat a happy birthday is a web site? You suck!  Cat Person  FAIL.

Tiny Guy?  Tweety? Fluffy Bunny?

This makes me dislike the woman at work even more. I was all about her birthday and I didn't properly celebrate my own cats big day! I am a bad cat mother. And speaking of that cow at work I was out shopping for her again, I decided that I should get some nice seasonally appropriate napkins for the party and I knew that Poverty Barn would not let me down.

Baby Rabbit? Tiny? Angel Kitty?

And they didn't! I scored some very nice, very taste napkins that I'm going to keep for myself and some cheaper and slightly less tasteful napkins for her. I also was able to pick up some almost kind of matching plates and some el cheapo plastic utensils. This far we  at her party we are going to have a vegetable plate, a nugget platter and a gluton free birthday cake plus a couple of bottles of soda and whatever else the people I haven't heard from yet are going to bring. One of the girls bitchily scheduled a vet appointment for her dog so she could miss out on the birthday fun. I both hate and admire her for this.

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