Thursday, December 16, 2010

It'sll be a blue and white Christmas...

Today's totally random foreign language Christmas carol is drum roll please...


Muistat Tuhkimon, Lumikin, Ruususen varmaan

ja Punahilkan ja sudenkin harmaan,

mutta poro tää sulta usein unhohon jää.

Petteri Punakuono oli poro nimeltään,

ollut ei loiste huono Petterimme nenänpään.

Haukkuivat toiset illoin majakaksi pilkaten.

Tuosta vain saikin silloin joulupukki aattehen:

Aattoilta pitkä on, taival valoton.

Petteri vois nenässään valon tuoda pimeään!

Petteri siitä asti pulkkaa pukin kiskoen

johtaa sen riemuisasti luokse lasten kilttien.
Deep, meaningful lyrics that go to the soul of Finnish faith or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I transcribe, you decide. I spelled checked this and Blogger reported that it seemed I was asking it to correct Finnish and would I like to change to Finnish to do the check. It can't post pictures on a regular basis but it recognizes Finnish when it sees it.
Oh, I had a Christmas miracle around here. My table lamps in the living room haven't worked in years. I bought new lamp shades and suddenly they stopped working. I tried to do something about it at first and then I decided that I hardly ever lit them anyway and it wasn't worth the agita. I put my Santa's out and I thought they seemed really sad sitting in the dark, so I as a lark, flipped on one of the lamps and it lit! I put a bulb in the other lamp and for yucks I turned it on and it lit too! I was genuinely amazed. Now my Santa's are happy and I have my lamps back. Ta da!

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