Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tired. Tired now. Tired  and my knees hurt but I did get all my to-be-mailed dog cookies packed up and ready to go. I even remembered to put Christmas cards for the people tucked inside the boxes.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to mail them in two trips because I don't really think anyone is going to want to wait for me to get seven boxes processed to seven different cities. Its not going to be pretty, The USPS is going to totally have to be on their Christmas list after this.

Speaking of Christmas, I still have the other non-dog cookie cards to deal with. I could have sucked it up and done the whole sign/address/stamp project tonight but I think its better just to do one job at a time and not make myself too crazy. Because I can make myself too, too crazy. I'm good at that.

I also made a decision about the decorations. The big tree is up and pre-let. It looks nice from the outside and pretty from the inside. I'm thinking that I'm not going to put ornaments on it, I have conservatively speaking, thirty-five million ornaments and while I lurve me some ornaments and I buy about sixteen thousand new ones every year - I really do not feel like putting them on the tree. In theory they're great, I mean so pretty... but  jeezus its a lot of work and then you have to take them down and thats about the most depressing thing to do ever.

I'm not turning into a Franciscan though, never fear. I am still bringing out the Santa's, albeit in an edited form and I'm still lighting and decorating the mantel so its going to be almost like it is every other year just less labor intensive. Less pretty, less shiny, less sparkly, fewer memories.

Maybe if someone would decorate it for me.

Again speaking on Christmas. Its cold! Very cold. Last night after we got back to the house, I puttered and Dogger slept. Time passed and I decided it was time to take Dogger out to relieve herself.

Me - Dogger do you need to potty?
Dogger - No. Go away now. Blanky and I need our alone time.
Me - Its been a while. Go outside and go wee-wee?!
Me - Go side?
Dogger - Do I look like a husky? Do husky have to wear sweaters inside? No where in my background does it suggest that I enjoy bitter cold.
Me - Its not good for you to hold it.
Dogger - Mind your business. If you need to go wee, go wee. Leave me and my blanket alone.

I poked my nose outside and it froze.  Dogger was more than happy to go out in the morning.

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