Thursday, December 9, 2010


I came home and walked Dogger and got her fed and then started my dinner and got me fed and got the dishes cleaned up and watched some TV and then I took my book in Doggers room and read in there with her for a while and it occurred to me that I had received a call from the framing place earlier in the day that my order was ready.

And I said Hmm. I would like to go pick that up but I don't know, it feels pretty late. I don't want to go out if its late . It was 6:34pm. It gets dark early here. It looks the same at 6:34 as it does at 10:45. I think there should be a difference, that there should be some way other than looking at the clock, to tell how late it is. Maybe  like until say, 8pm the sky could be a nice royal purple  and as it got later the sky could get less purple and more black. Someone can work on that.

I remember the first year I lived here, right after the time changed in the winter I was watching TV and I realized it was dark and had been for a while and  was just a few days ago it was light until about 9pm and so if it was really dark  it must be really late  and so I got ready for bed and put on my Pj's and washed my face and made sure my purse and keys were were I could find them in the morning and then I turned on the TV and it was, you know, 8:30 and I was ready for bed.

This time I didn't go quite that into it so I was still  wearing street clothes and was able to pack up Dogger and we went to Knightdale and I picked up my matting and while I was in the middle of Retailand, I thought it might be a good idea to look around... you never know, I might see something that I or someone I know needs.

Nobody I know "needs" anything right now. Santa is going to come to all of our houses and leave us a lot of stuff that we want, this is not a time of year for buying things because of need. March is a good time for need - things like socks and pajamas or new dress shoes or khakis. Boring things. Right now its all about want.

I all ready got everything anyone told me they wanted. To that end I bought  in bulk. Everyone I know is getting bedazzled Pj's and mirrored sneakers and fishing-rods you can also use as a pen. And this year everyone is getting slim jims and glorified burglar tools. I will never be locked out again.

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