Friday, January 28, 2011


Somebody was having tummy troubles and it was not me. If I was ill I could be ill inside, where its marginally warmer and where I could read a magazine or huddle under a cozy blanket. Instead I've been wandering around  the front yard while somebody ate all the grass that had not yet died in the yard. Someone is very picky about which roughage she will eat - dead grass and weeds need not apply, a lot of wandering around had to be done to get what she needed. She prefers the hipsters front yard as it has more live grass than mine.

She ate all the grass, the hipsters and mine so now my yard looks like an infield now after all of that, nothing . Dogs eat grass and then they throw up. Period. Grass is ingested and then vomit occurs. Issues solved. Isn't nature wonderful?  But no. I got tired of walking around while she grazed and so I poured a little hydrogen peroxide down her throat. Finally some progress.

She came back inside, drank  a lot of water and went to sleep.

This was not totally unexpected. Heartburn is common in dogs  and is a known side effect of her Addison's med in general. I have kept prilosec(tm) around the house for years but when I ran out I think I replaced it with the wrong kind. I thought what I was getting was the kind that extinguished the heartburn - Its not, its the kind that treats it by preventing it. This is not helpful.

She seems okay now. I hate it when she's sick. I get bad flashbacks and I get anxious. I'm sure sickness makes her day too but I'm not sure what she remembers about those events. Does she start to worry about her health? does she get the same stress that I do when she's a little off? Does she remember the tense trips to the emergency clinic? Does she think about the IVs and scary white coats? Does she remember anything? I hope she doesn't. I hope every tummy ache is a completely new experence.

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