Thursday, January 27, 2011


Why isn't it spring yet? I"ve been researching DIY sprinklers for the garden, I need an extra wide sprinkler and I'm afraid there isn't one I can buy OTC from my friendly neighborhood discount store that will suit my needs. I've looked at them but I think I need something longer with a wider spray area, I'm a little afraid that I;m going to have to solve this problem with a bit of retail therapy but I would prefer not to. I have looked online and found directions for DIY sprinklers. The magic words for a DIY sprinkler making are  "PVC pipe". They don't explain how I can make this contraption spray the space as most of the pictures of these show them as being more like fountains than practical  irrigation devices.

There is more research to be done and in the mean time I've been looking at seed catalogues for different varieties of bell peppers and bean and pea seeds, visiting nurseries for the same and driving cross country for barrels to plant in as well as day dreaming about spending as portion of my tax refund on a good used garden tiller.   I am ready. I am praying in a week or so when that whatever top hatted vermin tells us its spring, tells us to get our shorts out.

It is 40 degrees and raining.

On the upside, I am riding my exerbike three miles a day in addition to walking the dog three times a day and I am cutting back on work day snacks. These are good things. I look forward to being able to ride an actual non-stationary bike outside at some point and I would love to no longer wear three layers of clothes just to walk the dog. I am ever hopeful.

I am also a liar. Dogger has not gotten three walks for the last two days! she's had two walks over two days! I am a bad Dog mother. Dogger needs those walks to keep her joints lose and pliable, and maintain her strength and endurance as part of her on going rehabilitation .I've been making the walk decisions on my own and decided for Dogger that she doesn't really want to walk in the drizzle. I decided that she hates drizzle - Which is a patent lie, because as many times as we have walked in full on deluges I can attest that Dogger doesn't really care about getting wet, she doesn't like thunder and lightening but she has no argument with rain. She doesn't mind walking in it but oddly, she objects to going out in for a quick pee in the same rain. Thus proving my argument : She hates the rain.

Its really the air temperature, warm rain is not  a problem, but cold rain is a no-go. She's a nine year old large breed dog with arthritis that  only exacerbates her pre-existing joint issues. If I really loved her I would have moved us to Nevada years ago.

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