Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1

Damn is it over all ready? Because I was getting used to all the shiny. July is nice but it suffers from a dire lack of sparkles.

I decided I needed to have resolutions. I decided that I need to get more exercise, I was riding my bike at lunch for months and months but then the bike began to have issues and I couldn't ride it and then I got a replacement bike and then it had issues and then my bike pump was a piece of shit and I had to get a new one and then it got cold and I took the bike out of the car and never put it back and still has issues...

So. Two miles a day on the exerbike. Two miles? you say , way to push yourself Lancette, you are a such an inspiration! Fuck off.  I didn't just pull it out of the air. One mile isn't really much of a push, even for me and three miles is more than I want to do, again, FU, so two miles was the winning distance. Its better than the no miles I'm rocking now. I do hope to be back to riding my bike at lunch soon and I will do the two miles on the exerbike as well.

Its also really, really hard to sit in the car and eat a protean bar when its so cold. Its just not a good thing and its great when I can sit in the car with my book and a bar but I'm not going to torment myself - I all ready do that at home. I like being warm, I can sit in the warmth at McDonald's with my book, and get a Happy Meal instead of a value meal. Every little bit helps. The summer is coming and it will be warmer.

First bike ride.

I need to move the bike. This would be better if I could watch TV

I should have brought my phone.

reset the tension so I was not riding the bike through wet sand

The top  shelf of the desk is really dusty.

dust does move when huffed on. Dust does not move when rubbed off

Visualizing peddling away from here.

Am I there yet?


Peddle, peddle, peddle

Is there something wrong with the tachometer thingy?

peddle, peddle, peddle


This seat is really uncomfortable. Is my ass too big or is the saddle too small?

Vow to check into replacement seats for exerbike.

peddle, peddle,peddle

The dog is really concerned. The bike is loud and she really, really wants to sleep. The cat  is looking at me as if I am hogging the bike. He can't reach the peddles anyway.

peddle, peddle, peddle


Chose to go my mileage instead of time because, because there isn't a clock I can see from here.

The dog is very concerned. The cat is trying to find someone to make me get off the bike. Cat forgets I live by myself.


peddle, peddle, peddle

My legs hurt!

peddle, peddle, peddle!


I am a exersice rock star.

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