Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 More

If you peddle harder you are traveling faster but you don't get there any sooner. I was absolutely sure that I was veryclose to the end and in reality I had barely started. It was sad making. Also the seat of the exerbike is very uncomfortable.

On the upside to all this discomfort,  I was warm for the first time since I came home from work. While it was colder outside I wasn't running the heat as much but I dressed accordingly,I looked like a "before" picture but I was toasty - now its warmer and I can run the heat more liberally - the heat pump runs much better when its warm-er. 40 and above its a worker bee - of course, who needs the heat on full blast when its not that cold outside? I want heat when its 19! It was very warm over the weekend and now I am spoiled. Today it was significantly less warm and it hurt my feelings. I also was dressed for warmer weather and now I'm cold.

While I was warming myself over my burning calories, I noticed that there was yarn in the gears of the bike. I don't knit and I think Dogger is more into cross stitch. We shouldn't have a lot of yarn gumming up our lives. I finally finished the endless ride and began to get the yarn out. It wasn't doing anything to the works but once I knew that its was there, I have to remove it and I blamed it for all my troubles. I can't imagine what was yarn-y and what it would be doing on the exerbike, I don't use it as a clothes hanger and Dogger travels pretty light and I don't think anything in her wardrobe is knit. I looked close at Boy Cat, but he has even fewer things than Dogger and I don't think he likes knits, he's much more into micro-fleece.

If Dogger doesn't like me to use her futon she really doesn't like me to use her dog bed. I utilized it as a base of operations as I cleaned out the exerbike gear. She was really put out, fortunately, its my house and everything in it belongs to me so I was able to overcome her attempts to make me feel like a bed napper. It didn't take very long to get it out and by the last piece I figured out that it was not vestiges of a sweater, it was part of the carpet the exerbike sits on. The rug isn't "finished" and a corner of it unravelled got caught in the gears. I suspect that Boy Cat had something to do with this.

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