Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prepare ye the way of the...

Day 3.The exerbikes' seat is incredibly uncomfortable. I'm going to save up  my shekels and see about getting a replacement seat, perhaps one down-filled? I'll have to get something better or risk developing calluses where no calluses should be. On the up-side it has led me to find that my own seat is  significantly less well padded then I thought,  Score!

I also learned that it helps some to be distracted from my task. In this case I played with my phone. It does make the first half mile go a little faster though and that's always a nice start, I also distracted myself with  trying to keep myself and a  couch pillow balanced on the exerbike seat. It was a challenge. It also illuminated the idea that I might want to raise the seat a bit. I did so and will see tomorrow if it improves the experience.

I would rather watch TV then try to read while on my highway to hell but the peddling makes so much noise that I would have to have the TV volume up to high for  my delicate senses, it would also make Dogger and Boy Cat wild and they are all ready a little concerned by the exerbike being used rather  than a dust catcher slash cat toy. If it was a very expensive exerbike it would have quite peddling  and a comfy seat and somewhere to balance a book - but it wasn't. It was a $25, 5th hand buy from a  second string resale store so I gets whats I paid for and I did not pay for comfort or ease of use. I paid for basic functionality and I got it .

I turned off my outside lights tonight. I noticed I was the last one on the block with them still burning and I decided to give in to the peer pressure and unplug the display. I still have all the inside decos perking along, but I haven't turned my tree or the mantel on in days and have no plans to do so. I need to start the step-down process. It makes it much easier to take the tree down if it  doesn't look like a giant jewel and everything around it basks in the reflected glory and just shines, no matter what it looks like the rest of the year; and nothing makes a creaky, Eames era, plug in fireplace look like the real thing like stockings... for a few weeks a year I get to live in a Christmas card.

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