Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes, raising the seat helped. Tuesday morning I took Dogger for  her morning walk. It was cold and dark and very quite. For a about a block and then I turned the corner and it was not dark or quite anymore.

I watched the lights and tried to count cop cars. If it had been lighter I could have done a census of the firetrucks - In the dark all I could get was "many". I walked a little further down and tried to get up the nerve to go bother one of the cop cars, good news for me, another cop car chugged up . He wasn't nearly as scary and he was closer, no worries about traffic, the street was blocked at both ends.

I asked the cop what happened. He ignored me. I asked him again and He finally stopped gossiping with the other cop and told me "Just a fire" , just a fire? I asked because the flotilla of emergency vehicles didn't say "just a" anything to me, "Yup.Just a fire".

I didn't ask what had just burned, it was very early and I figured I could rubber neck later when it was lighter. I went to work and looked online and shockingly, the local media had also noticed the lights and sirens.

The news report

I went back later and rubbernecked, but not much. The lesson here is if you think a building is kind of funky and might be neat to photograph, carpe funky building!  Because it is not as neat to photograph after it burns.

I was always too afraid to go there to take its picture before, too many scary people around. No scary people now. I do hope they get rid of the hulk before the rats and less cute two legged vermin take over. The only thing more ugly than an abandoned building - ten months? I had no clue, it looked the same open for business as it did abandoned - the only thing uglier then an a boarded  up building is a burned out, boarded up building. I think I'll start calling the city in the morning.

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