Friday, January 7, 2011

Food for thought

The cat and dog can not occupy the same bed at the same time. Dogger takes the term "dog bed" far too  seriously and the cat fails to see the difference between one soft place and another. They can however, share the futon but I am pretty sure the cat pays some sort of toll.

I was very proud of me Wednesday night. I took a hunk of frozen ground chicken and a lump of frozen  pepper slices and a half a bag of Poverty Barn glass noodles and some cumin and some garlic and some rosemary and eventually turned them into chicken soup. It started out as a stir fry and  then kind of changed genres.

I could have made a turkey burger out of the meat but frankly, that just now occurred me. That would have been so easy! I could have chopped up the peppers, added them to the turkey and made it on my George Forman. Damn, that would have been really good and easier than the soup and I wouldn't now have as much left over ground meat and glass noodles as I do. I had no idea that glass noodles are quite as elastic as they turned out to be. They were like  coat hangers in the closet. I put in a handful of noodles and five seconds later I had a pile of noodles. Lots and lots of noodles and then even after I ate some, they kept multiplying! I felt some trepidation when I opened my refrigerator this afternoon, fearing some sort of noodle hive, but fortunately the cold seemed to have some sort of sedative effect on them. Thank gawd but now I'm afraid to take them out of the fridge lest they  take over the house.

Speaking of food, I was in the parking lot of a Burger Yucky and despite the fact they have my very favorite fast food chicken sandwich two-for-one, I did not partake! I took care of my business while at the same time walking past 75% off Christmas candy and went back to campus and ate a protean bar and only a protean bar for lunch okay, and some green tea but it was sweetened with fake sugar.

But then I came home and made cheese sauce and rice for dinner and I doubt it would be a contender at a weight watchers buffet. It was really good though and I did use low fat milk in the sause.

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