Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eyes on the Prizes

I think I should have moved up to three miles before I did because it doesn't hurt at all and I especially should have introduced the Ipod, way, way before now! Wow, does it make the whole thing just flow so much better.  Still, three weeks at three before I move up though, no pain? no pain!

Post tax refund it might be time to start trying to track down a remanufactured Ipod of  later model than my mine. Mine is old and tiny and all it does it play music and I think the battery is beginning to fail after three years. The new  car after all, can play my Ipod and it might be nice to have a nicer one  for it to play with. I just have to decide if I want a fancier Ipod more than I want a pawn shop garden tiller... I can have one but not both.

I would like the Ipod but it might just end up costing me more in the long run because you want to put stuff on your Ipod and stuff costs. The garden tiller on the other hand, I would have to put gas in the few times a year it got used - But, it would only get used a few times a year and an Ipod I would presumably use a lot more - But, a garden tiller would be very useful and last longer - But, a garden tiller,  even used tiller can be really expensive and an Ipod, even a new one would cost less...

I'm all ready spending money I don't have yet. I'm on a spending diet as well and I think about  things I could buy and little else. It does not help that bad, naughty food stuffs are among the things I could buy, if I could buy things. Which I can't . I would feel better if I had all my tax stuff in hand because than I could file and then I could get my refund and stop all forms of dieting... Not that I would of course, because not spending money is an achievable goal, much easier than not getting fat.

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