Friday, January 21, 2011

Thinking Ahead

I grudgingly went to my County Executive Committee meeting. What is it about getting people in groups that makes it permissible to waste their time? I don't mind other people having control over my time but I object strenuously to having that time wasted. If I'm giving you two full hours of my free time I suggest you pretend that my billing rate is impressive.

Anyway. It wasn't a total loss. I got to see something I don't get to see often enough : Angry Democrats. Democrats that are tired of the status quo and getting beat by cretins who can't spell. Sadly, we had to be told that we need to Stop whining! Stop apologizing! and Stop bringing position papers to gun fights!

Keep it simple, Stupid! We need to keep the message short and sweet. We good , they bad. We help, they hurt. Its not "stooping to their level" to call a liar a liar or to call a Tea Partier a Tea Partier. And if you suggest that all tea partiers are dangerous racists who support violent over through of the government, well, again, not lying. I think that the next time a Democrat runs for Wake County school board that they need to find out how much George Wallace's'' estate charges for that quote. Very simple ads, If the Republicans get this seat... insert quote Vote Democrat, vote Blah Blah . Now it doesn't have to be mentioned that George Wallace was at that time a Democrat. Hell, I'd run that quote for every race, over and over, I don't care if the guy is running for Dog Catcher. Fear not facts, wins elections. I know my neighbors and rainbows and unicorns and position papers and group hugs bore them. It takes fear to get them off their couches. They don't go to the polls unless they are scared not to.

Its time to stop with the politics of constant apologies and long winded explanations and sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and appeasement and holding hands and talking about how much we love and admire our Republican brothers and how much in common with have them except  for, fill-in-the-blank. The Republican party is dead, Sarah Palin shot it from a helicopter. The Democrats need to stop trying to win going By The Book, because  Gawd knows the average Tea Partier doesn't read books and he doesn't have to try to win.

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