Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday night feels like Monday

I'm trying to watched the Sag Awards but I'm finding I don't care. Steve Buscemi just won again. This trophy is being announced by an actor I don't recognize and a pair of tits in a blue gown.

I'm sure the tits are fine actors.Boardwalk Empire just won for I think best ensemble, I'm having to read lips because the tits have an irritating speaking voice. Now The White Shadow is announcing something. or reading rules or perhaps singing I can't tell and I can't be bothered to unmute the TV. He might be reading the rules, the rules were applauded by  juvenile actors I don't recognize and Ernest Borgnine.

Now the president from 24 is talking. He is enunciating very well but I don't know what he's talking about. Commercials! He does commercials! Okay! Does SAG hand out trophies for commercials? Or maybe we're celebrating commercials as another avenue for actors to get paid and thus pay their SAG dues. Very many well known actors paid the bills and pay the bills still, by doing commercials. Well, who knew? Other than everyone in the audience and everyone watching at home.

Now another actor  is talking. A title card tells me he's announcing Best Actress in a supporting role, film.  I hope the little girl for True Grit wins. No, Melissa Leo wins. I don't care for her because I found her tiresome on Homicide Life on the Streets  but rather her than Jackie from That 70s Show, because really? that would be embarrassing.

I was a very good girl this weekend. I single handily turned my spare bedroom from a storage locker back into a spare bedroom! It morphed into a storage locker around Christmas and I just learned to keep the door closed.

Oh! Its Amy Poler from Parks and Rec, I don't watch that show but I understand it is not The Office. I have turned up the sound.  Best  Lead Actor in a comedy,  Steve Buscemi can't win this one! Have I mentioned that everyone from Glee pisses me off? Oh! Alec Baldwin won! I like him! Yay! Glee lost!  Whoo!

John Ham announcing Best Lead  Actress in a Comedy. I love Tina Fey and I want her to win! I don't find drug addicted RNs funny and I hate Glee, The Tits were nominated too! Oh, and Betty White for her show.  And the winner is Betty White! What. A. Shock. I wrote that down even before he said it I am awesome and my power is great.

The cast of  The Kings Speech . Draco Malfoy's' Aunt is wearing a better dress at this awards show than she did at the Golden Globes but her hair is a fright. I think they are talking about Great Brits on Film or their film or something British. Now we seeg to the very American Run DMC and "Red Hot Republican Mama" Angie Harman who is noticeably horrified by Run. We are now announcing best cast of a comedy or advertising theirs, its hard to tell. Harmon's dress is distracting. I wonder how many dead liberals it's made of.

Go 30 Rock! Damn it, Glee is there too, Hot in Cleveland might be a dark horse in the race, Modern Family whatever, The Office, yawn, And the winner is Modern Family, The Tits are back!

I missed some award show. I think they are explaining why the 102 year old Earnest Borgnine was in the audience. He's being given the Betty White Award Life Time Achievement for outliving his better paid, more famous co-stars. Character actors do not flame out or die young.

Charlie Sheen will never be a character actor.

Winona Ryder is nominated for something? She looks as shocked as I am. Goof God, Claire Danes is winning again for that same movie? Didn't it come out three years ago? Is every  award show adopting the Grammys policy of rewarding work no matter how old? She won a GG for it to. Two years in a row.

Why am I watching this? I must have more important things to do? Soon,  I have decided that the garden is too small and it needs to be expanded so I am going to, expand it. Intitally the size wascompletely arbitrary and I was so thrilled that it was so much larger than it had been the fact that it was still small didn't register. It won't much bigger as my yard is small  tiny, but I hope to expande the garden enough to capture more sunlight and allow for more planting - my bean and pea tee-pees are going to take up more room than  tomato plants, so I need more space. I am also thinking of bringing in the baby pool off the bench and utilizing it this year as well and of course, the side of the house will again be part of the starting line up. Its not about working harder its about working better.

Christan Bale won something.

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