Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is never going to be spring

It was beautiful over the weekend. I was entertaining thoughts of putting the bike back into the car Well. It looks like the cold has broken, finally, I think I'll get the bike tire pumped up and start my lunch time riding again. Its been too long and then it was winter again. Blast.

Speaking of bike riding I don't think I'm going to make the jump to five miles a day on the exerbike quite yet. I'm going to have to do four miles first, I was planning on jumping  straight from three miles to five miles but I don't think this is going to be possible. Three miles makes me tired - which is odd, because two miles is nothing but three miles is work. I was going to give myself three weeks to move on but its going to take me longer.

Two days of nice weather and I put away my big winter coat and most of my scarf wardrobe, I was thinking about putting away the warmer of my pairs of gloves. I wandering around downtown in a hoodie! No gloves, no scarves no ski pants! It was amazingly liberating and short lived.

I should have known. If its gorgeous on weekend "A" by weekend "B" there should be six inches of snow on the ground, that's been the drill this winter but at the same time, if weekend  "A" has six inches of snow then weekend "B" will be comparatively beautiful.  At present, HGTV is showing us rich people buying million dollar plus beach houses in fabulous locations. Its suppose to make us think of summer and  sitting by the beach and being warm. Its making make think nasty thoughts about the Juntas that are currently in control of whatever tropical paradise the rich people are shopping for beach houses in. "Tropical Paradise" is just realtorese for "Banana Republic". Pooy on them and their $600,000 dollar beach front 600 square foot tenement. I hate them and hatefully wonder how long it took them to catch their first tropical infection or get stung by some tropical pest. Costa Rica is really pretty and tropical and exotic and your two million dollar tree house is really the awes, until the reality that cholera isn't just something bad that happened to your ancestors. Oopsy.

Moving on, one of the forty No Reservations reruns airing tonight is set in Egypt. I keep looking at the people he's chatting up and wondering if they were in the streets and if that restaurant is still there or that market. He's wandering around 2008 Cairo. I wonder how its changed in the last 72 hours?

Why is the Travel Channel running a series called When Vacations Attack, this seems contraindicated.

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