Friday, January 14, 2011


I blame my nap on the cat. It was totally his fault. I had nothing to do with it, I was going to briefly relax after dinner, take a load off after work and watch a little L&O and that was it. I was going to get up, do my two miles and get my stuff done.

And then the cat jumped into my lap and I was done - d-o-n-e. The next thing I knew it was much, much later than it should have been - I couldn't move! He had trapped me on the chaise! He was all stretched out and warm and he is very long - properly stretched out he's a good, five, six feet long, he's like some sort of elasticat! On all fours he's only thirteen inches tall! He's tiny. He's would not let me get up.

So. Everything gets re-scheduled. I'm not happy, Dogger is probably not going to get a proper third walk, but she got a longer than usual 5pm walk so it might all even out. Its really cold outside anyway so maybe I'm not heart  broken about a quick tour of the front yard instead. I still have to put the whole manatee outfit on but I only have to wear it for a short time.

While I was napping, I had a chance to think about the layout of the garden - Really? What do you think about while you're dozing off? I took a look at the garden space itself and it was a small as I remembered it being. It has not grown. I'm using pole beans this time around and they need to climb. I could use my backyard fence because it borders the garden on tow sides, but, I have existing growth on the fence as it stands and I don't know how I would coax the young beans to find the fence, its there but its not in the garden itself. My other option is to repurpose tomato cages and just plant the beans around them have them grow on those. I also have to think about where the potato barrel is going to live.

I'm also having thoughts about maybe not using the soaker hoses this year and instead going with a sprinkler instead and seeing if the plants like it better or if they suffer from having wet foliage. . Hmm. That seems to be a lot of thoughts, I must have slept for a while.

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