Monday, January 10, 2011


All of my Christmas decos inside and out, are packed up, boxed up and upstairs in the attic for the season. All. Of. Them .

Friday after work, before I even unlocked the house I was taking down the outside lights and organizing the extension cords and timer and getting the air blown unmoored, then I went in the house dragged out all my boxes- kudos to me by the way, for efficiently not putting them back in the attic at the start of the season, it wasn't because I was too lazy to put them back, it was because I was being proactive about getting them back into their boxes at the end of the season - There is no way I would have gotten the job done as quickly as I did if I  had had to drag them out of the attic and hump them downstairs after work.

The way it worked out I had all the outside of the house stripped and the decos carefully put back in their boxes and labeled by 5:30! Then I took Dogger for a walk fed her and started on the inside stuff.

That took longer, a lot longer,because there is so much more of it and its spread all over the house and falls into so many different categories of stuff that needs to be kept together but aren't necessarily displayed together; but  even with all that, I had everything put away and labeled except the tree by 10pm and by 1pm on Saturday I had that chore completed as well and after that, I made 478 trips up the stairs with heavy boxes. I'm counting it  as cross training.

My other chore on Saturday was to get my car looked at by the dealership. My new car. On the way home after New Years I was driving down the highway at speed and out of nowhere I began to hear a sound on the roof that was alarming. It sounded like an enormous bird had become stuck to the roof of the car and was now wildly but uselessly, flapping its wings to free itself. I wanted to pull over and at least take a picture of the bird, because I wasn't going to try to mess with a terrified, probably injured enormous bird under any circumstances.  I did think it was odd that of the many, many cars passing me on the road as all this was happening, that none of them made a move to try to alert me to the enormous, angry bird adhered to the roof of my car.

Maybe they thought I was a hunter,  so perhaps they assumed I all ready knew about the bird and its status -  I'm not sure that Honda makes a hunters package for the Element, because they surely would be a Hunting package available for the car. Honda loves its packages... I see some sort of tie down system and built up bumper and built in coolers and fancy drains in the back. Anyway, I don't think many middle aged Element driving women do a lot of hunting and even if we did, I don't think we would tie down half dead enormous birds on the roves of our cars. But I digress. I soon learned that I did not in fact have an enormous bird in its death throes adhered to the roof of my car, instead I had a strip of rubber that came lose from my windshield banging away on the roof of my car. I would have perhaps preferred the dieing bird to the piece of rubber.

I got up early and dutifully showed up for my service appointment. I had explained to the service department earlier in the week the nature of my problem and they made an appointment for me to bring it in, which told me that this was an issue they could handle - a piece of rubber town lose from the windshield and the need for it to be fixed. Simple.

No. They "don't do glass". I said the glass was fine, they still said no. The glass may have to be removed and they "don't do glass", I have to take it somewhere else. I don't want to find some random window repair place. The car is under a one year 100% warranty. I don't have to do anything else with it, if it has an issue, they can take it someplace else. Monday morning I speak with the service manager.

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