Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big One

We have been warned and now we are waiting. We have been told at least twice a day for the last four days that there is a very good chance that "we all gon' die". There has been more build up for this weather event than there has been for hurricanes. They are forecasting less than an inch of snow accumulation ,Its not the snow its the ice.

We were told this was all going to start at 4pm, and it would be the end of the world as we know it. I left work to very light flurries. I went to the store in solidarity with my peers and then I went home to quickly walk Dogger, hopeing she would not be too freaked out by the falling snow.

And then I waited. I am still waiting.

Two inches of ice is what they have threatened us with, on top of whatever snow falls. They have told us that we are going to lose power and that it will be days before we can leave our homes. The thing is, they keep crying wolf and thus far all that has happened is that instead of the wolf at the door we've been visited by a Schnauzer. A Miniature Schnauzer. Woof. I'm having a very hard time taking this whole thing seriously, despite the flurry of warnings I've been  helpfully texted by The Weather Channel. I have every intention of being at work Tuesday morning.

It started snowing, other places. It snowed north, it snowed south, it has not snowed here. Not that stuck and so we wait. We've been waiting, and waiting and waiting since they began to scare us early last week. I don't think this is much a case of severe weather as it is bet among the local weather people to see who can win the coveted crown of King of the Panic Merchants. I went to the grocery store after work, a clear case of second hand panic, and while there was some "we all gon' die" buying going on it wasn't a mad house and there was plenty of milk and bread to be had - a sure sign that the end times aren't on the way.

So why are we panicking? We're tired from the holidays and we don't want to go to work and what we really want to do is to stay home in our jammies and drink hot chocolate and watch our Netflix movies and its freak out over this or become much better actors and fake sickness. We aren't very good actors.

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