Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice sucks

I feel so dirty! I'm sitting here watching Fashion Police and it isn't even an after award show special! Its just a regular episode. I blame the cold for this, if I could find my remote in this blanket nest I would totally be watching something educational, like Holmes on Homes .

Speaking of dirt, the seed catalogues have landed. Thanks to Alphagal I spent several hours on Sunday  in warm, sunny, lovely June, surrounded by beautiful blooms and successful, super productive vegetable plants. It was heaven and after spending an afternoon with floral porn, fancy inpatients! I'm going to end up with enough plants to landscape my house, the neighbors house and probably my Mom and Dads as well. Good for me I say! I like flowers.

With the front of the house taken care of, my thoughts turned to the backyard. I think this year I am going to make some changes to the garden : I don't want to grow things I don't want to eat. Period. Which means goodbye tomatoes and hello other members of the nightshade family. I'm going to plant peppers and a selection of  vine growing beans and peas - which means there are going to have to be  making some literal changes to the space - I grew bush beans last year and while they were moderately successful, they didn't produce as much as pole beans so this year I'm changing things. I'm looking to utilize the space above the ground, the gardens loft! I'm thinking of construction projects.

Among the structural changes to Garden 2011, are the inclusion of a new friend, the potato!  These new friends are going to be wacky neighbors! These guys are going to be grown near but not in the garden! The potatoes are going to be grown avec garden, potatoes are going to be grown in a barrel! Very haute gardening! I know, I know a few years ago I tried to grow potatoes in a bag - this was a bad idea, it didn't work and it was disappointing but barrels on the other hand are an excellent idea! I can't wait!

Lets go spring!

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