Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Accomplishment City

I had it on my list to make Dogger more Dog cookies this week and I got it done Monday evening before 6pm. It makes it so much easier to get things done when Dogger decides to cut a walk short because she doesn't like sub woofers or she was horrified as I was that the stupid woman whose car the sub woofer was a passenger in, was going to continue backing her jeep up until it mated with her house and produced a  very attractive RV/Jeep-knock off hybrid.

So,  we hustled back home. I fed Dogger, knocked back some left over spaghetti and tried to decide how I was going to spend the rest of the day. It was a little after 5pm, so I had a lot of time to work with. I first thought of what am I going to wear to work tomorrow?, this really weighs on me if I haven't made a decision by about 9pm, then I cleaned the cat box because I was there and you can't put a price on a clean cat box and then after that, since I was in the kitchen to dispose of the cat box bag, that it might be a good time time to wash my hands and then maybe set out Doggers pills for tomorrow and fill her bowl.

You can't take care of that kind of chore soon enough. If I have to do that in the morning it eats valuable minutes I could be reading obits of strangers or over thinking my hair squishy choice Blue? Too blue? too jeans-centric? too ragged? too cliche? Maybe white? too stark, black?  which one? shiny?, mat, jersey? high profile? low profile? Oatmeal? I can spend hours doing this. If I have to waste time  filling a dog dish I can kiss the whole blue issue good-bye and I'll have to settle for oatmeal, again.

Anyway. I did my chores. I thought about dog cookies. I thought about varieties of cookies, I thought about prepping dog cookies for later use. I thought about having to roll out refrigerated dough. I decided to make beef bouillon-cheese dog cookies.


180 dog treats later, minus five burned, I biked 5 miles. It is much easier to do the five miles if I did not also bike at lunch. It seems I only have so many miles in me per day. I may need to adjust my daily mileage - which is disappointing to say the least.  I think I can work with it. I can  power through the  mild  fatigue  by maybe pretending to pull to the side of the pretend road occasionally, maybe cross training by  running upstairs a few more times or fetching the laundry from the basement. I have Olympic caliber rationalization skilz.

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