Friday, February 11, 2011

Best behaved snow evah.

I woke up  and looked outside and there was no snow and then I walked Dogger and there was no snow and then I went out for the paper and no snow. Then I went out to go to work and everything was white.

It must have started to snow as I walked in the door with Dogger after our walk, I hadn't opened any of the drapes because it was cold and I wasn't interested in the house getting colder and while I did open the curtains in Doggers room, I didn't open the blinds all the way and I didn't bother looking outside. One minute it was doing nothing and the next minute I was driving to work in the snow. Shockingly, despite the wet streets, everyone at work showed up! I couldn't believe it,  wet pavement  is usually really scary and it makes people stay home just in case. The snow was even really pretty while it lasted, but by lunch it was mostly all gone, by the time I went home for the evening I had all but forgotten it snowed at all.

By the time I walked Dogger it had completely slipped my mind. We were passing by one of my neighbors houses and I saw something that looked like white chalk rocks next to the house. I thought Why did they put rocks down? Are they going to to try to park there? I hope not because that looks like crap". and then I said Oh, wait, that's snow! . I don't have a problem with my short term memory at all.

Something I just did so I still remember it is that five miles is a long way on the exerbike I have done it three days in a row and its not as bad as I thought it would be but the bike seat is really uncomfortable after the first three and a half miles. I have to stop and not sit down for a minute but then I man up and finish the route. I think if I can average twenty-five miles a week I would not suck.

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