Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunny Days

Things are looking up. Two weekends in a row Dogger and I have gone up to Dix and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, Dogger as especially enjoyed being re-introduced to her extendo-leash, something we don't use on her daily walks as she could easily extend herself into a bus.

Yesterday she ran! She hasn't run since last summer. We were both surprised that she still knew how.  She'll never know the joy of running around like a crazy person off leash like she did before she blew her knees - and she was a huge runner, she would run until she just couldn't go anymore and she got such joy from it but it was still  nice to see her making the most of her chance to feel the wind in her ears again. The last time she had that feeling was riding in the back of a truck.

The paper promises us that its going to get still warmer in the coming week. I saw this as my cue to out the bike back in the car. It doesn't matter how lovely it is outside, I can't do anything about it if my bike is back at home. I started the process, and yes it is a process, by removing Doggers travel bedding from the back of the car. It doesn't need to live there and it was time to re-home it.

Before the bike can go back in the car I had to put more air in the bikes' flat rear tire. I plugged the pump on and started to pump up the tire. I would check every few minutes to see what progress was being made and progress was very much being made ( thank you new bike pump!, burn in hell old bike pump). It still felt a little softer than I like so I gave it a few more hits when the pump exploded.

The pump did not "explode",  the air hose ripped in a rather dramatic way that startled me and caused all the air to leave the tire. Super. I said "Hey, I can fix this! I don't watch sixteen hours of HGTV a day for nothing! Bring it on,  little minor home repair issue! ", I went to the basement grabbed a role of duct tape and went about "fixing it" . Yeah, you can't fix that problem with duct tape even though it looks like you should be able to fix it that way, you can't, even if it seems like a really good idea. It took everything I had to not just grab my purse and head back to Wallyworld to get a replacement but I can't eat a bike pump and so it is added to the list of things I will buy next month, right next to the toaster oven. Do you know how tragic it is to have a freezer full of toaster strudels if you don't have a toaster?

My next step is to see if the bike pump and the toaster oven recycle.

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