Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ducks in a row

The tire is full and the bike is in the car.  I'm going to have to rehearse getting it in and out because its a lot different than the other car and its not quite as easy to maneuver the bike in and out but I;ll figure it out. The Element is Super Car, and it loves bikes so I know it wants to work with me on it. I also just ran across an Element owners forum, so if I have a hard time I can ask them how to handle it. Yay for the internet.

The bike pump is going to live in the car as well because I'm pretty sure that the ill tire is not going to hold the air I put in it earlier. I bought an inter tube for it but I'm afraid that its problems go deeper than just a leak. I got a good look at the tire and it seems to be rotting in places and I think that its going to be added to the "buy later" list. I think that list is going to need to be re-prioritize because its getting to be rather extensive.

I bought some nicer potatoes. I should have just waited and bought nice potatoes the first time around, but this allows me to have a wide selection and if one kind  craps out I'll have another that might not. I have now a hand full of russets, Yukon gold, German butterball and Holland. I again fought the push to buy purple potatoes - they are totally in and everywhere I have looked for seed potatoes has been pushing them  hard I gather they are supposed to look really cool in potato salads.

At the nursery I learned that the time to get these puppies in the ground is now or as soon to now as possible. The literature they gave me wants me to put them in the ground ASAP, so the barrel is going to have to go see my parents and have its surgery performed and then I am going to have to get on the stick and start rounding up the dirt I'm going to need since the county dirt store doesn't open for at least another month. I also learned I am riding a wave, the guy at the checkout said he has only been working at the nursery for a week and he's all ready talked with a lot of people who are planting potatoes. for the first time and like me, are so excited about it. I felt the need to tell him I was a newby, hopeing he could enlighten me. No can on that sadly, but at least I'm not alone out here.

My next step is to go to a home improvement place and let them tell me how I am going to keep my increasingly spread out garden watered on a timer and if its going to be possible to water a garden on multiple fronts and various platforms.

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