Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I broke my "only food" rule, but then, afterwards, in a fit of rationlization,  I decided to change the rule!, now the rule reads "Only strictly utilitarian goods", so no clothes no toys no bobbles nothing pretty or fun or desirable. I diluted the original rule but I did not abandon it

My first slip was that I bought a slip cover for my exerbike and then the second break was when I bought a new bike pump and a new inner tube for my real bikes'  tire - Very sexy? No?  Well, you have not met my slip cover! I am in love with my new slip cover! It makes the exerbike almost painless to ride! A huge step up from definitely painful to ride.

  I would very much like to ride my real bike too and since I do not use my bike as a toy, and when I really start to  seriously rationalize my failure to stick to my guns, I don't feel all that bad about spending the money to serve my health and I could almost the inter tube and bike pump them into the same category as the hydrogen peroxide I picked up the other day on sale. I also bought a couple of bags of bad food for my donation to my groups quarterly  "party". I did use a coupon for the brownie bit things.

There was just an ad for a pawn shop. It appears as though the store is staffed by well dressed sorority girls and stocked with  only  the finest quality jewelry and musical instruments. Nothing about cases full of hand guns and more advanced weaponry and staffed by scary looking dudes on cell phones who ignore you.

I went to Wallyworld for my new bike pump. I walked in the door and was slapped in the face by a display of POTATOS for $3! I bought two varieties. It claims that they are guaranteed to grow but just in case I'm also going to get some from an actual nursery. If the nursery potatoes seem to much, much nicer, I'll return to Wallyworld what is Wallyworlds. At the very least I'm going to a real nursery to ask questions and window shop. I do want credit for not buying the sexy purple variety, which all the seed catalogues really, really want me to plant. I said no, I don't want them. They seem kind of small and pokey and I'm not sure I want to eat purple food

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