Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eat Less, Exercise More

I think I would have gone four miles this evening but I had a batch of  bran muffins in the oven and the timer beeped. But I think I would have gone the extra mile. I have until Ash Wednesday to get myself to four or I'll have to do five a day for Lent. I decided that today.

Its good to have goals. Oh and for those of you keeping score: this batch of muffins came out looking like muffins and tasting like All Bran.

Did y'all watch the game? It was really good. I watched it all the way up to where my DVD decided that what I really wanted to watch was House Hunters! The last two minutes of the game! I was so pissed. I didn't have the game set to record because I was watching it, I should have recorded it just because my DVD player might decide to screw me over. I also missed Puppy Bowl, but I'm not certain I get Animal Planet anyway. I knew all ready that the Packers had won thanks to a CNN Breaking News alert, but still, I wanted to see the win. I watched an entire game that not involve the Cowboys or the Long Horns, by myself, thank you very much, I should have been able to watch the whole thing.

Whatever. Ben Rapistburger ate turf.

Friday and Saturday the entire family celebrated Baby Nephews' second birthday. I need to find a new nom de blog for him as I think at age two you are no longer a baby

Dogger and I had a lovely day Sunday. We went to Dix campus and gambled around the horse field and then I found a warm place and read my book while Dogger grazed near by. She really liked being able to sniff different smells and be in the sun. It didn't take long for everyone else to discover the field so we moved to another lovely field and did the same thing. IT was a different field and much to my shock, it did not drain the same way. Field One was dry, Field Two was damp. Damp is not great for reading. We both got some nice exercise though and it was heavenly to spend time in the sun. And? it was warm in the sun - No coat, no gloves, no scarf.

Monday was cold and by Thursday is supposed to snow.

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