Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you don't like it, wait 24 hours

I wore a windbreaker today. Half the country is under a foot of snow and I wore a windbreaker to walk the dog this morning, mostly for the pockets.  I also wore a sweater but mostly because my house is cold and now its a habit.

I have a found a new use for the 30,000 tee shirts  in my wardrobe- undershirts! Who knew they could be so multifunctional?  In the summer they keep you cool and in the winter they keep you warm! I have a new appreciation for my tee-shirts and I will try to be more respectful of them in the future, I mean if I knew I would be wearing them year round I might have invested in higher quality product.

On that same token, I bought flannel lined jeans this summer without ever thinking I would actually wear them, they were on sale for $18 and I thought I would just get them as a souvenir, now I hardly ever take them off.

I', not wearing them today though, 70 degrees is too warm for February here, we have four distinct seasons and we are still in the "winter" part,  and 70 degrees is not typically what we experience in winter. Its not like when I was in school back in central Texas where there are two distinct seasons Summer and  Cricket Hatch, which  if we had had a Fall, would have been Fall  and then its Summer again, for the next nine months. In February we wore shorts and felt bad for people who lived in places with winter.

I  did not wear shorts, I could have, because ti was just that warm, but I decided that that sort of behavior would be disrespectful with so many people, including my friends back in Texas are covered in snow. Also, I could not find my shorts. It was colder inside my house than it was outside. My glasses fogged up when I went outside the first time. Its going to get cold though, and its going to feel really, really cold when it does. The high for Thursday is supposed to be only in the forties. That's going to really sting.

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