Thursday, February 10, 2011

A potential act of Gawd

Its supposed to snow. Or not. it depends on where you get your weather. If you get your weather locally, its not going to snow but at the same time a second local source has been predicting snow since last week. NOAA says snow but how much depends on where you live.

I'm surprised about the local media, whom usually feel very comfortable telling us that even the smallest accumulation of snow is going to lead to a  "Ya'll all gon' die" situation.

It starts very early in the morning with a shivering Weather Intern standing on a dark street speaking with the Studio Bunny.

Weather Intern- The street is wet. I repeat the street is wet. I advice everyone to stay off the streets and stay at home where its safe.
Studio Bunny - I understand that the streets are wet?
WI - Yes, Bunny. I can confirm that the streets are wet. There is a potential for real danger.
SB - Its really dark and I can't tell from the monitor, but just how wet is it out there? Is that black ice behind you?
WI -At present it is definitely damp and  the potential exists for black ice to form. We haven't had any reports of  ice as yet but it is early. We'll know more when the sun comes up.
SB - So until then, our viewers should stay at home?
WI - That's an affirmative . Its February and 47 degrees, things could change in a heart beat. There is snow  falling only 400 miles away from our viewing area and if you go a little further east, its actually sticking! We could have a real storm emergency here!
SB - We just got reports of school closures just in case this potential weather emergency becomes even worse.  Please read the crawl.
WI -  Its dark and cold and and it won't be light for at least another forty-five minutes. We just don't know about the storms track, except for we have for the last week that there is a  small potential for some accumulation at higher altitudes. Here at sea level,  we just don't know how much we can expect. We may be in for a dangerously overcast day.
SB -  We'll have more on local closures after this. Stay tuned for Potential Bad Weather for Other Places!

Three of the seven of us at work are definitely going to tell our boss that they that where live it snowed a lot , the same people are always out when the weather is inclement. Or it rains. I always wonder why my boss doesn't ask more questions about the amount of snow that these people are dealing with or why after years of this kind of weather they haven't picked up  driving skills other than that of calling in and claiming they can't drive in it.   Why they can't perhaps park at the end of their driveways or stock up on  traction enhancing kitty litter or laying a rug or blanket across their windshield o protect it from snow and ice? Two of us live out in the boonies and should have never tried for a job in Raleigh and the other lives in town but the parking lot at her apartments "has lots of hills" thus making it impossible for her to make it to work. For real. She's never actually tried to see if she can do it, she just knows she can't.

Weather pussies make me tired.

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