Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cat Based

Wow, the things you can get done when you aren't scrubbing baseboards! For instance, last night I ordered new vacuum cleaner bags! Woo! I know, very exciting. I'm having them shipped to me. Its a little more than buying in a store but I don't have to drive  around Robin Hoods barn to get them and with gas prices as they are,  and how much I love shopping for vacuum cleaner bags, I don't mind spending $2 extra.

Tonight, instead of  hanging around on a ladder and  scrubbing fan blinds, I made dog cookies. Not so much because Dogger needed more cookies but because  I was cold and with the oven on, I could spend some time in a warmer room. If Dogger didn't need cookies I would have found something that needed to be baked.

While I was cuddled up under a blanket, in a heavy sweater and ski pants and Small Cat, I started to think  I might have found a solution to both sleeplessness and the orphan cat problem. My idea is that instead of giving people heavy drugs to make them sleep, what they could be doing is giving these people a cat! If there is a cat curled up on your legs you are absolutely not going to get up and the warm squishiness they offer is a natural sedative.

 True, it would mean that each cat would have to be a certified lap cat, and there would have to be some sort of screening process and maybe a training program for the cats that don't score high enough on the tests and perhaps they could institute a Lap Camp for new recruits. I think this could work. Jobs! Teams would be needed to go and scour shelters and someone would have to transport the recruits and then trainers and some sort of housing and supervision for them. I see a whole cat based economy .

Speaking of cats. Small Cat is going to the vet for the first time since he was a tiny baby. I thought he was getting past his fall but I noticed this evening that he wasn't able to jump up to the window sill and he won't play chase with me and he just seems very careful in what he does. This is not like him. I looked online to see if cats do sprain things and if so, what are the symptoms of a sprain and low and behold, Small Cat has a sprain. It is not clear however what he sprained. It could be either leg or both, it could be a wrenched back. I don't like not knowing.  I spoke with the vets office Monday afternoon and they said I could bring him in or not bring him in, since he is weight bearing and not limping, he's injured but he's not badly injured and they do heal up well on their own.

I want someone in a dog themed tie to tell me he's going to heal up well on his own.

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