Monday, March 28, 2011

Cleanliness is next to ...

I'm back!! And my house is clean! I spent hours preparing for a show that lasted about forty-five minutes. On the upside, when my friend comes in April, I won't have to spend a lot of time cleaning. Thanks to my Aunt and her white gloves, I spent much, much more time cleaning than I would have, in that, I would have vacuumed and decluttered but I certainly wouldn't have detailed the doors or cleaned the oven vents or scraped the gunk off the fan blades.

On the downside, Dogger and Small Cat and I will have to live in the car for the next two weeks.

I also learned that vacuum bags can be reused, a green tip, don't throw that bag away! You can use that bag again! Of course, it takes for granted you have a shop vac and a strong stomach for compressed carpet muck, but you can get a second use from a vacuum bag. I also learned that my upstairs floor can hold a lot more weight than I thought but at the same time it now looks like I sleep in the attic - which I do but now it looks like an attic attic instead of an attic bedroom.

Which leads me to my next job, that thankfully, I have more than a week to get done. All of that crap has to go. I want my bedroom back. It means making lists and bagging it up and then actually taking it away. The little TVs, the plastic plates, the assorted stuff that no longer has a home here. I have been advised that instead of donating my unwanted paperbacks, I should sell the books to a used bookstore. They will get ten tons of books and I'll score a quick $5, but at least they'll be out of my life. I also have a used Christmas tree, this might be a good time to unload that as well. The possibilities are endless. But the priorities has to be the stuff that's out in the open, the stuff behind closed doors can hang out for the time being. Its better to hand things over bit by bit instead of all at once anyway.

The one downside of this weekend, is that Small Cat jumped out of my arms and took a bad bounce. I was pretty sure he had hurt a paw or his knee or hip but I have changed my diagnosis to that he might have wrenched his back when he fell. He wasn't limping and he was weight baring and eating and grooming as normal,  but he seemed to be very purposeful in his movements and he seems to avoid jumping up on things and running up the stairs. He also was spending a lot of time hiding under my chair, and he is not a hider. He's gotten better and seems to be getting his grove back but if my say, Tuesday he's still stiff, we're going to the vet. Yay.

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