Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Democrats in non-action

I went to a Moveon meeting of like minded progressive in Garner.  Gawd, what an awful place! But even with the awfulness, the library was still much, much nicer than the library in my neighborhood. It seems to help if the poor people over utilizing your library  are poor white people.

Anyway. I was the youngest person there. It was mostly affluent pink diaper babies with a smattering of  recently pissed off independents who were there to be angry about the union busting in the Midwest. We didn't talk about that much. Pity.

Instead we spoke of all we had in common with our Tea Party brothers! How the best way to win elections to to point out how the Democrats are nice people who the electorate should vote for because we're nice! Lets all hold hands and sing kum by ya while we talk about how much we have in common with the Republicans! Yay!

Bull Shit.

I mentioned that the only thing we had in common with the Tea Baggers is that we are bipeds - and got soundly voted down. They  want to get away from the "We're smart  people and they're dumb people" meme, they all said they feel uncomfortable with saying mean things about Tea Baggers. I think that if they feel comfortable putting our candidates in sombreros that we should feel comfortable putting their candidates in hoods. I said we should use fear as a motivator,  oh, they said "Fear is bad! Fear is so mean We don't want to scare people into voting for us!

 They didn't want to lower ourselves to their level, which is patent nonsense! The other guys won! They aren't lower than us, they are above us! If we want them to stay there we should just do what we do. We can continue to let them win because we don't want to be mean and we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and we can then keep whining and  polishing our good citizenship medals.

 We can hold hands and sing  kum by ya and  go to meetings where we whine about how unfair it all is. We're nice and yet people don't like us! Its not fair!  We need to educate the electorate about how nice we are.We need to make documentaries about our niceness! We need to write books about our niceness! And then invite them to go see them or we can lend them our copies! The other guys use a few words and simple images and are old meanies and they get elected. Its not fair! The other guys put our guys in sombreros. One of us got elected and in running the country while the other is whining about our feelings being hurt. Super. I wouldn't vote for a bunch of whinny, mopey, film makers either.

 We started out as a bunch of pussy, Democrats - totally  useless and then the guy with the camera showed up. Suddenly we're a dangerous mob of agitators! What we said and did  suddenly meant something! We got scared and suddenly we were important, not just a bunch of pussy Democrats with kum by ya as our ring tones.
He came to make us scared and ashamed to say what we were thinking. He came to do what the Rethuglicans always do, make us afraid to be Democrats, make us feel fearful and shamed.  He said he had a web site and he wanted to record it for his site. 

In the Name and Shame school that scum bags like him pioneered, He came form NC Renegade dot com, a libertarian, teabag friendly site. He came with his camera to scare us and make us afraid Oh, no other people might find out we're Democrats!. The Rethuglican party in action, he has a site, I have a site and facebook and twitter. I'm not posting his name because those people live for that and I won't give him the satisfaction. He came and we still spoke and spoke louder and more passionately than before he showed up. kum by ya ringtones got updated to The Marseille.

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