Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Honor of St. Pats, lets talk about greening things up

I'm starting this a little later than usual but  the extended daylight is making me dizzy with joy. So joyful that I gave myself a  You Go Me!.

I finished my ride, I missed it yesterday but I decided that holding up democracy was a suitable substitute. Anyway, today I did my ride and I noticed afterwards that it was still light outside and I decided I hadn't visited my potatoes in a couple of days so I should check in. No joy there, no change yet but I;m still hopeful that as it gets warmer and the days are  getting longer that hopefully we'll see some progress on that front. Grumble.

But anyway, I was out in the yard and I noticed that half the yard  is pock marked with yellow phase dandelions. . It is not pretty. I see such pretty weeds in other peoples yards! Real, live blooms in lovely, vivid springy shades. They have flowers that are also weeds. I have weeds that are just weeds. Why can't I have pretty weeds?  Why are my weeds so prosaic?

I decided that since it was sunny and warm and I was already out there, that maybe I could do something about the dandelions. Radical thought, I know. I found a suitably deadly garden tool and went out looking to take care of my dandelion problem. Did you know that dandelions have massive root systems? And that they are very dedicated workers? I had to really work to get them up and then I know for a fact that despite my best intentions and truly valiant effort, I only got about 90 percent of the root-ball up at a given plant, that I never got 100 percent of the root-ball. The little bastards will be back.

When I started I I had  thought it was possible to get more of the yard done, like all of it, but that didn't happen. This is not Alaska in July, it was going to get dark before I got them all out. Also, its hard work to leverage those little bastards out and I was losing interest and I was not in the zone.

I ended up getting about a quarter of the job done. Not much but better than none of it done. On the upside, I learned that the soil in the front is actually nice so that gives me hope for my walkway flower idea being able to happen.

Since it is spring, I have bug bites. Three, two on my shoulder and one on my abs ( I do have abs, they are just padded for their safety). I know about these three because whomever bit  me was a greedy SOB and the bites are merging on puncture wounds.  I am keeping them covered so that my clothes don't irritate them more then necessary, on the downside, the band-aids irritate me almost more than the bites and  I'm allergic to adhesive so around the wounds I have other wounds so it looks like sloppy DIY Lyme disease. They are singularly unimpressed by triple antibiotic ointment, soap and hydrogen peroxide and in fact, I think they look worse after treatment then before. And they itch. Super.

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Yo'Momma said...

You need to read (or re-read) DANDELION COTTAGE!