Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Well. Yeah.  I kind of had dinner with Broskey and the baby birds and after that I went to Poverty Barn  to buy band-aids that were marked as gentle and latex free - I am not? allergic to latex but I  focused on the "gentle" aspect but as it turns out, they are worse than my band-aids guaranteed to take the paint of off a wall! I got an immediate rash as opposed to a rash appearing within hours. Stupid Poverty Barn band aids.

After that  I spent  too much time playing with Twitter, Charlie Sheen added twelve shows to his tour  but Thank You Jeebus, not in Raleigh because I would absolutely have to go, I mean wake-up-early-Saturday-and-keep-hitting-refresh-until-they-start-selling-because-damn-it-I-want-to-go way... but then I would have to live with going. And there would be so much over thinking involved and as much as I enjoy over-thinking things is Charlie Sheen and his raging mental illness/sudden passion for perfomance art worth my over thinking? But I over think Easter bunnies and hoses and varieties of peppers and nearly everything else, so would an actual human being be worth my over thinking? I think so.

Oh, and Speaking of  the irascible Mr. Sheen, he sold out two shows at Rockerfeller Center and pretty much all the other shows he had on the east coast. I am very disappointed with the people of New York City. I thought they were better than that.

See?! I am all ready over thinking all this and he isn't coming to Raleigh or anywhere else in North Carolina, so its a moot point and I am still putting a lot of thought into it. Perhaps Charlie Sheen isn't the only one with mental illness.

Okay, after all that, I did my miles and then I watched Community, which got picked up for a third season! Woot! and then I ran around and got the trash together and tried to make the cat do something cute - which he refused and then, well, I did this.

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