Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The dirt is got.

I wish I had been able to hold out until the dirt store opened but I had to get it nower rather than later-er so Wally-World had to fill in as my dirt store. It is dirty there but its not a good dirt and I don't think things grow well in filth. The dirt I got is guaranteed to be cleaner than  whatever was around it.

I just wish it would stay light a little longer so I wouldn't have had to look like a crazy person hefting bags of dirt across the lawn. You don't look weird doing that in the daylight, in fact, you look industrious and upstanding but you do look odd doing that in the dark, for some reason being industrious after dark takes on a much less upstanding air especially when it looks like you're industriously disposing of a body. I should add that I was carrying a flashlight and scuttling  industriously around my neighbors' car.

The cops wanted to to talk to me, it was cool though, they were just checking I wasn't  screwing with the car. It would have been even more cool if I they hadn't thrown me to the ground before I got my story out and then when I did, I wanted to ask for a second take because while I was trying to tell them the whole saga of the potato and the barrel and the how-tos and all but I was having a hard time staying on message because I was distracted by how much I really need to fertilize my yard.

But. The barrels are loaded. I decided not to add the potatoes as yet because the paper said the low was going to be very low and while my reading as informed me that they prefer cool temperatures and I should really push to get them started soon, and without a doubt they grow better in cooler temperatures, they without a doubt  die in  cold temperatures. I'm going with the idea that I really needed to get the barrels be-dirted because its good for the dirt to be exposed to the air because dirt likes cold air.

(I did not actually have a run in the police)

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