Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garden 2011 Update 2

Today was the official start of gardening season!. Today I put things in dirt and then added water!

Aren't they cute? just the sweetest little things you ever saw? On the left we have  "yukon gold" and on the right we have "Holland" . I did have two other varieties but I decided that I have only two containers so I did not need four different kinds of potatoes so I returned them to  the Wally World from whence they came and decided to keep  the really nice potatoes from the really nice nursery in hopes that  I will  eventually grow my very own really nice potatoes.  Wally World potatoes probably bully other vegetables and cheat on term papers.

 My directions didn't day anything about covering them with dirt, so initially, I didn't but then I started thinking of all the little beastie things that might pass by and decide they were up for a little carb loading and indulge in some light predation. So I camouflaged them. I think it might also help them stay warm. The containers  they are in used to be the Barrel.

So while I was getting my garden on, I decided to take a tour and see how the rest of my holdings are doing, walk the fence as it were. My first stop was the back yard

The plantings are called "green  manure" and were an Idea I found online. The idea is that you plant something like say, sweet peas in your garden over the winter and they add nutrients to the soil and give you something to till in  to the garden in the spring  to make the soil richer. Mine has done very well, except for two donut holes where I was either standing when I dispersed the seeds or where the birds hunkered down to eat the seeds.

Its very lush and green and I am holding out hope for some blooms. And then I moved on to the front yard. Where we have my re-potted raspberry bushes.

I did some rather aggressive pruning of the plants before I re-potted them and I am afraid I used a heavier hand than might have been called for. If they don't come back this year there is always next year, at least the pots are more attractive now.

I then went and looked at my pumpkin patch. I can call it that because this year I planted them on purpose. Last year they came up as volunteered, this year of course, they won't take because I'm paying attention to them and trying to help them along. But, here they are as of now.

Not much as yet, but I have high hopes.

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