Monday, March 7, 2011

Is it time to go back to work all ready?  I think I need another day off.

But look what I achieved!  People talk about growing things in your garden, I prefer to grow my garden! I didn't actually build the addition, My Dad did, but I did go to the dirt store and dig the dirt and I did help fill it and I did the turning over all by myself. Next stop? GARDEN TILLER!! I can't wait.

I actually did work over the weekend! I hate that. I'm okay with a little laundry doing and maybe, in the spring and summer, some lawn mowing, if its cool and I get to it early enough and the grass is manageable because if it has gotten too long or I waited to long or its past the middle of June, well, I'm not okay with it.

You know what I do when my dog stains the carpet? I just put another piece of carpet over it and move on. Other people might try harder to fight the spot, or discipline the dog or they just could not live with the knowledge that the stain was there . I am not those people. I tried to clean the spot and it just got worse, I can't discipline the dog because it wasn't her fault really, she's a dog and her room doesn't have an on suite.

Back to my working weekend. I did two weeks  worth of laundry!, I could have done one week of laundry but then I would have still had a weeks worth of dirty laundry sitting around and I might need that underwear at some point. I could have done one week at a time but how to pick which week to do first? I don't want to play favorites and once the socks get their feelings hurt they are impossible to cheer up.

And? I cleaned out a closet. So. Really, I deserve another day off.

Speaking of needing cheering up, they closed my Big Lots! My own private Poverty Barn! They're moving it to Knightdale!, I mean its all ready in Knightdale but its in Raleighknightdale, so I can pretend its not really in Knightdale but now its going to be in Real  Knightdale, I'm so disappointed. I'm also hurt that they didn't call me or send me a card or call me or something, we've been close for years. I just feel a little hurt, like I did when they tore down my McDonald's, no post card no call! I had to find out the hard way. Its about customer service.


Tiffany said...

How high are your beds?

Diana said...

About 6 inches, I can really only barely call them raised at all.

Tiffany said...

Better than my 4" experiment last year. :-\

Diana said...

Keep trying! Get some good, soft dirt and get some plants. Wallyworld sells plants but they aren't great. Try Burpee, they sell outstanding veggies. This year I'm going local and going with a couple of nice nurseries around here.